Wife Status, I love My Wife Whatsapp Status

Does you wife makes you feel special ? Does she loves you more than anything ?

Looking for some lovely wife status to dedicate to your wife ? Here they are. We’ve put a collection of wife related status and quotes that covers mostly funny, romance, love, and jokes on your wife.

Wife Status, I love My Wife Whatsapp Quotes

Wife Status, I love My Wife Whatsapp Quotes

Wife Status & Quotes

A hubby rushes home after work because he has a brilliant wife.

My vocation is being a perfect wife.

I will always remember the moment when I was weighing pros and cons of marriage. No regrets.

What is life without love? What is love without reciprocity? What is reciprocity without an oath. Here we come – married. I am a happy wife.

A wife is a person who has a free handyman, follower and sex-machine living under the same roof.

I count the happiest days of my life since the day we got married.

I will clean, cook, wash-up, iron – do everything so that my husband feels cosy at home.

It is such a joy to be a wife of this man. Jealousy of my friends has no limits J

The more I look at him the more I realise I have made a right choice.

Saying ‘yes’ to a proposal is always hard. Responsibility for it stretches across one’s lifetime.

My hubby has only one flaw – he cannot admit I am always right.

I will never regret my decision to become a housewife – anything so that my husband is happy.

It is not always possible to avoid storms in family life but I am trying to be a wise wife.

A perfect wife listens to her husband, nods, agrees and… still does anything she wants.

As they say, a husband is a head, a wife is a neck. Where the neck will turn, the decision will lie.

Many hours together result in different things. However, what always improves is my wifely skills.

Despite this sacrifice to run the house, I am still the happiest woman in the world.

What is love that does not hurt? What is an ideal family? What are a perfect wife and husband? It is not about us but we are still happy.

“Make him desire, – my mum said, – to spend every free minute of his precious time with you. And then he would not look aside”.

I feel like my heart is filling with joy every time I look at my husband.

My affection to you, hubby, only grows stronger year by year.

Being a perfect wife is an art of pretending to be in spirits all the time, happy to do house chores and simulating lust every time our eyes meet.

I ask myself if I have made a right decision. I could have had so many more men all crazy about me. But, in fact, I only need one. The one who would give his life for me.

My husband’s utmost achievement in life is me. Shhh, do not tell him this.

Nowhere is nice, no one is pleasant, nothing matters when my husband is far away from me.

I happily wear the ring that this man gave me years ago.

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