Taunt Status for Girlfriend, Insult Girls Whatsapp Status

Taunt Status for Girlfriend, Insult Girls Whatsapp Status

Taunt Status for Girlfriend, Insult Girls Whatsapp Status

We truly understand that being with a girl is not easy, specially when she’s your girlfriend. Does she makes you a lot of fun at parties ? Or she keeps taunting and insulting you all the time ?

Time for revenge!

Use the following taunt status for girlfriend and she’ll never put her fingers at you next time 🙂

Taunt Status for Girlfriend

  1. I love my girl, but sometimes I wonder what she’s thinking.
  2. Does anyone have a girl that makes you carry their purse?
  3. My favorite thing is when my girlfriend falls asleep with her mouth open—I love taking photos.
  4. My girlfriend always sings in the shower—it’s hilarious.
  5. On long car rides, my girl thinks she’s on American Idol and sings the whole time.
  6. I think it’s hilarious when your girlfriend thinks you’re sleeping and farts.
  7. How can you be a woman today and not know how to cook?
  8. Sometimes I just don’t get how many times a girl can lock herself out of her own apartment.
  9. If it wasn’t for me, I think my girlfriend would have to walk home every day.
  10. Anyone have a girlfriend whose cooking is so bad, they’ve perfected the cringe face?
  11. Every time my girlfriend walks passed a puppy, she almost melts—it’s hilarious!
  12. Thank God I’m around, or my girl would get stuck in her bedroom every time there’s a spider.
  13. No matter how much my girlfriend works out, she still can’t open a jar to save her life.
  14. I don’t know why girls get so mad about the toilet seat—just put it down!
  15. Watching girlfriends fall in heels is both hilarious and sad at the same time.
  16. Whenever we go out, my girl can’t last two seconds without getting food on her clothes!
  17. Does anyone have a Netflix that’s just full of dramas like me?
  18. Whenever I want to Netflix and chill, it always has to be what my girlfriend chooses—ugh!
  19. Thanks to my girlfriend, I have seen all the seasons of every reality show known to man.
  20. I know that is a certain someone is sad, all I have to do is play Adele and they’re good.
  21. Why does everyone’s girlfriend love One Direction so much?
  22. I don’t know what my girlfriend carries in her purse but it is really heavy.
  23. Before I had a girlfriend, I never went to brunch on Sundays.
  24. I’ve never seen my girl madder then when I hid her favorite lipstick.
  25. If I’ve learned anything from my girlfriend, it’s not to get between a girl and her make-up.
  26. Whenever I make my girlfriend mad, I just buy her more make-up and she’s happy again.
  27. I don’t understand why girls need so much make-up—isn’t one enough?
  28. How are guys supposed to know which kind of tampon to buy their girlfriend?
  29. How many coloring books could one person own?
  30. I don’t understand how one girl could eat nothing but salad!
  31. My girlfriend spends all day at the gym just to eat Ben and Jerrys at home.
  32. My girlfriend has enough jewelry to open her own store.
  33. Girls must never sleep because every time I wake up, my girl is cleaning.
  34. Tell me how there are two closets in the apartment and both of them are my girlfriends.
  35. Girls have so much clothes—I’m not even sure they can wear all of them in one year.
  36. If girls spent less money on clothes, they’d literally be able to feed a starving family.
  37. My girlfriend owns so many shoes, she doesn’t have enough places to put them.
  38. I panic whenever my girlfriend asks me what I think of her outfit—they all look the same!
  39. Going shoe shopping with my girlfriend is the most boring thing in the world.
  40. My apartment is literally covered by high heels and sandals.
  41. I’m going to have to throw some of my stuff out soon to make room for my girl’s clothes and shoes!

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