Suicide Status, About to Commit Suicide Whatsapp Status

Suicide Status, About to Commit Suicide Whatsapp Status

Suicide Status, About to Commit Suicide Whatsapp Status

Sometimes, you are stressed at the high side. You feel so depressed that you see suicide an option but that merely lasts inside you as those emotions doesn’t last much.

Whenever you feel like your ability to think practically has diminished considerably, you can use the following suicide status to show the burning fire inside you going on every moment. But remember suicide is not your thing!!

Suicide Status

  1. I am jumping down into what I call my reality now – the life given to me by parents has become too hard for me.
  2. I have never contemplated any radical steps – but I think everyone will be relieved seeing my face smashed on the ground.
  3. I will grant myself the pleasure of a flight. There is a note left, I have explained myself well.
  4. I used to love life. I got to the point now when I see no sense in sleeping and consuming food and drinks. And I think there are too many people on this planet.
  5. In fact, you will not see me at work on Monday. I will go somewhere where there is no obligation to anyone.
  6. Sometimes I think if I did something to myself, would it shake your heart at all?
  7. Honestly, I do not know what to do with my life. I am trapped, exhausted, my spirit is killed. I see no point in continuing this crap.
  8. Suddenly thoughts about a suicide do not seem so ghastly.
  9. I am not delirious and not mad. This is my final decision and please do not stand on my way. Goodbye to troubles!
  10. One thing I noticed about a suicide is that people call those attempting cowards. I believe it takes a lot of guts to venture the business like that!
  11. A suicide is an egotistic activity. Yet only this selfishness can rescue someone from doing the irreversible. It is when you realise you do not want to rid yourself of the people you love.
  12. Gradually and slowly I was coming to depression and suicidal thoughts. I do not remember whether someone suggested it to me or it was my decision. However, I know now that no one but me can get me back to normal life.
  13. Dangerous thoughts were swarming in my head like ugly maggots… They grew and grew being fed by the fear of reality and encouragement from those as impaired as myself.
  14. I think that people with suicidal thoughts take an idea of actively influencing one’s destiny too close.
  15. I have never had any fears but to lose life. I am sitting here trying to understand how I could cross that bridge in my mind.
  16. The only thing that stopped me from killing myself was the realisation of how abject and disgusting dear people would find my last gesture to them.
  17. People on the brink of committing a suicide are not cowards or sick. They are weak and require some care and understanding.
  18. I do not want to populate a bad example of slashing wrists or hanging. I will keep fighting my thoughts.
  19. Life is the biggest gift you could ever get. It is absolutely silly to dispose of it.
  20. Reach out to losers, cowards, softies… They are weak but they might be resolute as to depriving themselves of life.

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