Son Status, I love My Son Whatsapp Status

A son is strong, responsible and more supportive part of the family. Your son is ready to face any difficulty that comes front. Dedicate these son status and quotes to your son and let him know that you really love him!

Son Status, I love My Son Whatsapp Status

Son Status, I love My Son Whatsapp Status

Son Status & Quotes

A son will always care as he stays in the family. He keeps connection through retaining his family name.

Destiny is wise – I am able to protect my sister and support my parents as I am a man.

I am proud of being born a man – now I can procreate and glorify my family’s name.

I ask advice of my parents about anything you can imagine. Disregard my age, my status and marital status – they still know the most about this world.

I can never repay in full for all my parents have done for me.

I have to make sure I continue a glorious tradition of my family in my children.

I must have been a handful of a son when I was growing up. So all I want to say to my parents now is “Well done!”

It is my birthday again. Everyone congratulates me but they do congratulate my parents. They taught me everything – even how to hold a fork when I eat my cake.

My dad took my by the hand and said: “It is all right. A woman will come along and break your heart. You will survive.”

My father has taught me to be strong. My mother gave me a sense of sympathy. I have to give them something in return as a dutiful son.

My mum had that the best gift the life gave her was her little son.

My mum is an ideal of a woman for me for the entire life. She has been most caring, understanding and sympathetic.

My mum is most devoted to bringing up her son. I am lucky and a bit spoilt I guess J

My mum will always come first. If my woman wants to be with me, she needs to respect my parents.

My parents may rely on me when they are all. I get on with people well and I think it is their job.

My sister would sometimes complain to me that I as a son was given more freedom. More freedom but also more responsibility. And first of all, to protect her from anything bad.

My wife has to thank my parents for giving their approval for my choice as I trust them immensely.

People might not understand my connection with dad. But I just like to learn what he has to teach me.

The first thing I will do as a dad is teach my child to respect parents.

To be or not to be should not be a question. Parents give life to you. Hold on to it as the most precious gift.

To my mum I will always be her little boy. To my dad I have always been a resolute man. It is hard to know how to act sometimes.

Whatever happens I can always return to my parents’ fortress and care about them as a dutiful son should.

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