😍💯 Romantic Status for Boyfriend, Romantic Whatsapp Status

Boyfriend in a bad mood ? Try your hands on these romantic status for boyfriend to make him fall for you instantly. We know that a healthy relationship always goes through ups and downs but keeping patience and adding a pinch of romance have always helped.

Romantic Status for Boyfriend

Romantic Status for Boyfriend

Romantic Status for Boyfriend

I love when my boyfriend calls me first thing in the morning to wish me a good day.

Cuddling at night with my boyfriend is the best—he’s always so warm, I fall asleep right away.

For our anniversary, my boyfriend wrote me a song and performed it for me!

I can never wait until I get time to hang out with my boyfriend.

I don’t know where I would be without my boyfriend always making sure I was taken care of and loved.

I don’t think I could imagine my life without my boyfriend in it.

I love hanging out with my boyfriend because I already know we’re going to have a great time.

I love my boyfriend’s beard—it always makes him look so handsome and manly.

I love seeing my boyfriend as soon as he comes out of the shower—he looks the best then.

I love seeing my boyfriend at the beach because he looks so good without his shirt on.

I love the little silly texts I get from my boyfriend throughout the day.

I love the way my boyfriend rubs my back whenever I’m not feeling well.

I love when it’s my birthday because I know my boyfriend has something special planned.

I’m the luckiest girl alive to have a boyfriend who loves me as much as my boyfriend does.

If I’m sad or upset, my boyfriend plays the guitar for me until I feel better.

If I’m working late, my sweet boyfriend comes and meets me so he can walk me home after.

My boyfriend has the smoothest skin—I just love running my hands down his back.

My boyfriend is definitely the only one who can make me smile every day.

My boyfriend is so strong—he has the nicest and most muscular arms.

My boyfriend just got back from a business trip and the first thing he did was come see me.

My boyfriend knows how to treat me well and always makes sure I feel like a princess.

My boyfriend knows my favorite flower and will sometimes surprise me with them at work.

My boyfriend surprised me today with dinner and a movie—I’m so lucky!

My boyfriend surprised me with tickets to go see my favorite band!

My boyfriend’s cologne is so intoxicating—I can never get enough.

No matter how sad I am, my boyfriend knows exactly what to do to cheer me up.

No one takes care of me and makes sure I’m okay the way my boyfriend does.

No one understands me as well as my boyfriend does.

Relaxing with my boyfriend is so easy—I look forward to it all day.

Sometimes my boyfriend treats me to a fancy dinner and it’s always such a pleasure.

There’s nothing better than getting a text from my boyfriend reminding me to have a nice time at work.

When we were going on vacation, my boyfriend carried all of my things for me!

Whenever I don’t feel well, I know I can expect to come home to a full meal—my boyfriends the best!

Whenever I see my boyfriend playing sports, I can’t help but think about how good looking he is.

Whenever I’m feeling sick, my boyfriend always comes and brings me medicine.

Whenever we go out, my boyfriend always acts so silly, and makes me laugh so hard.

Whenever we’re cuddling, I love running my fingers through my boyfriend’s hair.

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