Rain Status, Highly Superb Rain Whatsapp Status

We all have that one thing is common that, whenever its raining, a rain status is posted everywhere you are connected!

Rain. Greenery. Puddles. Dance. Beaches. Good vibes.
Don’t we all love it when it rainsss? When you get to smell the overwhelming scent of rain cooling the hot land, and the lovely scent of petrichor rekindles in the air. And the beautiful weather is just too gorgeous to take in. No joy can overcome the absolute bliss of having the fresh cool air and shower of rain caressing our faces.

Rain Status, Highly Superb Rain Whatsapp Status

Rain Status, Highly Superb Rain Whatsapp Status

It is the perfect day when your spirits are soaring and everything looks lovely and beautiful. The best part about rain it’s that no matter how bad your day is going, it never fails to lighten it up! The first showers of the season, however wet, can never dampen your spirits. It is the tie when nature is singing to us in beautiful torrents from waters sent from the heavens.

It would not do justice to such an amazing weather if you let it pass without cherishing it!
Whenever it rains, cherish it like a festival! Enjoy this cherished weather with people you cherish the most and make them realize how much you love their company this rainy season.

Share your beautiful thoughts about the beautiful weather by these ravishing WhatsApp messages and let the good vibes spread!

Rain Status

  1. Today was such an exciting day; I can’t wait to see what this week has in store for me.
  2. I love the feeling when it rains; always feels like love is in the air.
  3. There is nothing more romantic than snuggling up with your love on a rainy day #feelinghappy.
  4. I love jumping into puddles after it rains, reminds me of being a kid again.
  5. Feeling that cool breeze on my face after it rains makes be miss being in love.
  6. I love sitting in the park after a rainy day, it reminds me of all the happy memories I’ve had.
  7. I think I ‘m in love with someone, feeling so excited.
  8. I had more fun today than I’ve had in a long time, will treasure these memories.
  9. Sometimes happiness is as simple as reading a book on a rainy day.
  10. I’ve never felt so excited talking to anyone before, it feels like something special is about to happen.
  11. Got lost in the city on a rainy day and had so much fun! I forgot what it was like to be happy
  12. I love going to the park after a heavy shower, there is something beautiful about seeing the calm after the storm.
  13. Is there anything more beautiful that seeing fresh flowers? Feeling so cheerful today
  14. Just got some exciting news! Can’t wait to see what’s in store.
  15. Just had a splendid day in the city with my best friend!
  16. Having fun outside today, I forgot how much I love the smell of air after a fresh rainfall.
  17. I ran into an old friend today and was reminded of some fun times we had, feeling nostalgic.
  18. Got soaked in the rain coming home from work today, it was the most fun I had today.
  19. There is something scary and exciting about falling in love.
  20. I had a small conversation with a 5 year old today, she was so happy to be playing in the rain.
  21. I was singing in the rain today, I felt a few people starting but I was feeling so happy!
  22. I had the most fun at work today; everyone seemed to be in such a jolly mood.
  23. Got the day off today because of the rain, looking forward to a day of fun!
  24. Someone on the street told me I have a nice smile, it brightened up the rest of my day.
  25. I am so excited to meet up with an old friend of mine today; we always have such a food time when we’re together.
  26. For the first time in a long time I felt happy being single and I loved every minute of it.
  27. I played basketball today for the first time in a long while; I forgot how much fun that can be.
  28. I love meeting someone unexpectedly and catching up, it’s such a warming feeling.
  29. I love seeing my sister; she always has a way of making me feel better.
  30. Got to spend lunch with a loved one today, feeling special.
  31. Whenever it rains I can’t help but miss when I was in love.
  32. I can’t help but be excited whenever I see my love.
  33. Feeling so excited today for some reason!
  34. Whenever it rains I love curling up and listening to love songs.
  35. I played with a tiny puppy on my way to work, made me so happy!

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