Princess Status, I am Princess Whatsapp Status

Princess Status, I am Princess Whatsapp Status

Princess Status, I am Princess Whatsapp Status

Princess is definitely one of the cutest name ever given a girl. Princess is mostly used by dads, boyfriends and even brothers to dedicate their special girl.

Find out below the best princess status for girls that are very unique and can be dedicated right away!

Princess Status

  1. I love my little girl!
  2. If anyone ever messes with my little princess, I’ll ruin his day.
  3. I love the look on my daughter’s face when she sees a new gift I bought her.
  4. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my little girl.
  5. I’m already planning the party for my little princess’s birthday.
  6. Any Dad who doesn’t treat his little girl like a princess is insane.
  7. Every girl should be treated like a princess for her whole life.
  8. If you’re not treating your girl like a princess, you’re doing it wrong.
  9. Every day I do one thing to remind my girl that she’s a princess.
  10. My little girl is a princess, and it’s my job to make sure everyone knows that.
  11. I’m going to throw my little girl the best princess party imaginable!
  12. I feel sorry for my little girl’s future husband—if he doesn’t respect her, he’ll have me to answer to.
  13. I love watching my little girl running around in her favorite dress like a princess.
  14. Every daughter should know that her daddy thinks she’s a princess.
  15. When you fall in love with someone, they should be royalty to you.
  16. I love seeing the smile on my daughter’s face when she puts on her tiara.
  17. Princesses are real and they’re called daughters.
  18. If you’re not treating your girl like she’s a princess, then you’re teaching her she’s not worth the world.
  19. Everyone thinks I’m spoiled, but I know I’m a princess.
  20. I love when my boyfriend comes home and treats me like I’m royalty.
  21. I’m daddy’s little girl, and no matter how old I get, I’ll always be his princess.
  22. Sometimes when I’m home alone, I like to wear a tiara and pretend I’m a princess.
  23. All I need is a Prince Charming and my princess life will be complete.
  24. Why doesn’t anyone treat me like the princess I know I am?
  25. It’s so hard to find a carriage and a fairy godmother around here.
  26. I wish I could get a flock of birds to come and clean my apartment like other princesses.
  27. If I’m a princess, then why do I have to go to work?
  28. Some days when I have to go to work, I don’t feel much like a princess.
  29. I wish people at the gym would just make room for me instead of making me wait in line.
  30. I just got out of a traffic ticket—looks like being a princess is finally paying off!
  31. I expect the world from my boyfriend—I’m a princess and he knows it!
  32. I don’t think I’m being a brat when I expect everything from my boyfriend.
  33. Sometimes I whine to my dad because I want something, but I rarely never get it.
  34. Whenever I don’t get what I want, I always throw a fit in order to make sure I get it.
  35. Anyone who doesn’t think I’m a princess is just a waste of my time.
  36. Whenever I wear a poofy dress, I always feel like a princess.
  37. There are some days when every woman should feel like a princess.
  38. Everyone should make every woman feel like a princess every day of her life.
  39. I must be related to royalty because I am definitely a princess.
  40. I wish I could make a sign so everyone would know that I am a princess.

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