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We try different ways to stay positive even in some of the most difficult times of our lives. Being positive has most part related to things we read or stay in contact on a daily basis. Inspirational positive status and readings plays good amount of role to keep you on everyday.

Good thoughts, good life experiences helps you to become a positive person who leaves all negativity behind and remain focused. Checkout the following positive status written below to add some decent sum of positivity in your life.

Positive Status and quotes

Positive Status and quotes

Positive Status & Quotes

Bad things may have happened, but they aren’t happening now and I’m happy for it!

Even though I was dumped last night, I know the right person for me is out there, waiting.

Every day we need to remind ourselves that we have the tools to get through any disaster.

Every moment that goes wrong just creates another opportunity for something to go right.

Every morning I wake up and remember how lucky I am to just be breathing!

Feeling the sun on my face helps ease my anxiety about losing my apartment.

Getting the flu is terrible, but I know that I’ll get better soon!

I dropped my toast on the floor this morning, but I’m not going to let that get me down!

I got caught in the rain today and got to work soaked—I got to wear jeans though!

I got fired from work today, but I’m keeping my hopes up—the universe has great things in store!

I got into a car accident today, but I’m really grateful not to be hurt, and to be alive.

I just broke a mirror—here comes seven years of bad luck and hilarious photos for everyone!

I know today may be hard, but I am strong and I can get through it.

I may have dropped my phone in the toilet, but at least I didn’t flush it down!

I spilled my coffee all over my new dress today, but the cute guy at work spoke to me!

I think I may be coming down with a cold, but that means I get to stay home and have soup.

I think my cat ran away, but the good news is he won’t be able to throw up in my shoes today!

I totally burned dinner, but that just means I get to order take out!

It’s hard to remember that when everything turns dark, we can see the stars the best.

No one and nothing can bring you down or take away your self-worth.

No one said this life was going to be easy, but I sure am glad it’s fun!

Sometimes I get really lonely, but I start thinking about all the great things coming and I smile.

Sometimes when things go wrong, you just need to close your eyes and remember the good.

The bad news is I shrunk my dress in the drier—the good news is, it didn’t catch fire!

The best part of breaking your wrist is getting all the beautiful messages from your friends.

The best part of my day was when the delivery guy dropped off my pizza—free toppings!

The good news about a really bad day is most of the time, it can’t get any worse.

The hardest part of bad situations is remembering to get up every time you’re knocked down.

The most important thing to do during a bad situation is to keep your cool and carry on.

This year has been really hard, but I’m ready to embrace all the great things headed my way.

Whenever I feel like quitting, I remember all the people I admire and keep going.

Whenever I need to cheer up from a bad situation, I know my friends have my back.

Whenever life throws stones are you, remember what you’re made of and throw them back.

With every dark cloud, there always is the time when the sun comes out!

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