Past Status, Bad Old-Life Relationship Whatsapp Status

Past Status, Bad Old-Life Relationships Whatsapp Status

Past Status, Bad Old-Life Relationships Whatsapp Status

Does old memories of your past experiences still hurts you ? Of-course they would, there’s nothing you can do about it. Use the following past status to show accurately what exactly you’ve went through.

Past Status

  1. I was like a homeless cat – pushed away and slighted.
  2. I am doing my best to attain more attention from people. It is unreal but I hope to make friends too.
  3. I am sinful and I have paid a lot for it. Atonement is still in progress though.
  4. I thought it was great to be a rebel. I now think it is dumb and I apologise to my family for making their life a nightmare.
  5. With every single man I held special I thought I had future. I only had tears.
  6. Like a river with no sea I had no destination. I had no sense in life. I am tired.
  7. Looking back at all that I have gone through makes me wonder why I let people do that to me.
  8. Time is the best doctor. I can now think about past relationship with a slight smile rather than a heavy heart.
  9. Tear to tear – it was not mine and yours. It was mine only. And you took pleasure in seeing me cry.
  10. A disgusting man! Why did you let me fall in love with you?
  11. You know, the biggest disappointment comes when you imagine a wedding and kids, and hear a grumpy voice when reminded it is your anniversary.
  12. To live, to die, to woe, to smile – I had no choice in past, I only did what you ordered.
  13. I had no luck with getting close to people. They pushed me away, they fed on my tears, they trampled my soul. And they called me weird.
  14. Time was a witness of my rises and falls. I had a life that was eventful and unpredictable. I only yearn for peace now.
  15. I saw a girl cry and came closer to comfort her. She cried even more. “Why?” – I asked. “Because no one has ever done this for me” – she said.
  16. I apologise to everyone for my youthful selfishness and stubbornness. I could never understand my behavior, not even then.
  17. I was hurt and broken, I was left there to die. But here I am. I have survived.
  18. I learnt the lesson. I am not happy with my past. Yet I do not want to disregard the present chasing the future. I will cherish every moment now.
  19. My mind plays tricks. I got thrown 10 years back. I saw myself then and compared to what I am now. I am ashamed.
  20. I gave myself into your hands and said to love me. You promised me so and played with me like a boy with a toy.
  21. I am happy with have separate lives now. Although it still hurts to see you with someone else by your side.
  22. No matter how much I love you I would not wish my enemy to be with someone like you.
  23. I put my past in a box and burnt it.

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