Move on Status, Forgetting Past Whatsapp Status

Move on Status, Forgetting Past Whatsapp Status

Move on Status, Forgetting Past Whatsapp Status

When was the last time, you said, I don’t care ? Well, that clearly means you’ve moved on in your life for the good.

So, you’ve decided to move on in your life. You don’t want to keep any bad memory of your old life and you’re completely ready to forget your past.

Use the following move on status to show people around you that you don’t worry about your past anymore!

Move on Status

  1. I have finally found strength within me to break the shackles of my burdened relationship.
  2. They say the relationship is worth fighting for. But ours was not.
  3. I enjoy smiles of another man and sometimes think of you as well.
  4. If a person holds you back they are bad for you. Move on.
  5. I am glad I have started a new life. It is just sad that I wasted so much time on you.
  6. I am singing, jumping from joy, smiling at everyone – today is the first day I can say I have moved on.
  7. There is definitely something charming yet poisonous in you. I will leave you to be admired by someone else.
  8. I felt I did not fit in there. A new town, new people now… Scary, yet exciting.
  9. It is better to risk and set sail to a new shore than being anchored in an old ungrateful haven.
  10. The weirdest thing is that I stayed with you for so long. It was an unforgivable mistake.
  11. When a life teaches you a lesson – listen to it and do not resist.
  12. You think you can overcome circumstances or change another person’s nature. I’ll talk to you when you are less naive.
  13. I feel like I retrieved my wings and can fly again. Despite a harsh lesson I was given, I will go on.
  14. Do not assume that you were given the destiny you cannot alter. Change a path and go away from what drags you down.
  15. You did not want me to happy just because you could not be. I thought it was fair because I cared so much about you. My mind is clearer now – I do not care.
  16. I feel I can achieve so much now that I left you in my past.
  17. I am about to catch a train going somewhere unknown. I am frightened, I am scared but I am looking forward to it.
  18. My experience is enough for a book. But I will not write one – it would be humiliating to disclose how long I let myself be fooled.
  19. I wish I knew the end of each story I take part in… It would give me an idea of when exactly leave a person not worth my while.
  20. Letting someone into my world is always painful. They leave me there to bleed. But I am no fool now. Welcome the new me!
  21. They cherish you until they start taking you for granted. You know, it is when you feel like the ground is sliding underneath your feet. I have got steady soil and no one to poison my life now.
  22. No regrets I stopped fighting to preserve something that could not be preserved.
  23.  You meant so much to me. Our quarrels messed my brain up and I was mentally damaged. Now I am alone, living separately and sanely

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