Missing Boyfriend Status, I Miss Him Whatsapp Status

Is it not the toughest time for every woman out there when her guy is not around? Nothing seems as good and all around you is dullness, boredom and too much of major missing going on. Missing your guy is not just putting missing boyfriend status on whatsapp, its more!

You want him to know how sad you are without his company? Do not hesitate and let it all out with most heartwarming whatsapp messages that will move your guy and steer him towards you whenever he reads them.

Missing Boyfriend Status, I Miss Him Whatsapp Status

Missing Boyfriend Status, I Miss Him Whatsapp Status

Because all some of us need sometime is a lovely reminder on how much we matter to the other person. Melt your guy’s heart like honey with the sweetest status. Sometimes our boyfriends are not the tough men they carry out to be, they can flutter at our sweetest words! Go ladies steal your guy’s heart_ all over again..

Missing Boyfriend Status

  1. Why did you have to leave so long hun, my boyfriend needs to come back ASAP!
  2. I hate going out without having my boyfriend by my side, feels like something is missing.
  3. I never thought it would be so hard to be without my boyfriend on my birthday, missing you!
  4. Getting ready to head to work and thinking about what my boyfriend is doing now, hope he knows that I miss him.
  5. I always miss my boyfriend when it rains, makes me feel sad.
  6. I need my boyfriend to get here already;sleeping alone in the bed makes me miss him so much.
  7. I wish I could get to see my boyfriend just once;it’s so hard to be without him.
  8. I miss hearing his voice wake me up in the mornings;it’s funny how you notice those little things.
  9. Coming home and not seeing my boyfriend is so hard sometimes, miss having him around.
  10. My boyfriend always knew how to make me feel special, wishing he was here with me right now,
  11. I love cooking for my boyfriend, cooking by myself is just not the same without him.
  12. I know my boyfriend hasn’t been gone that long, but for me, it feels like it’s been forever.
  13. Not having my boyfriend around the holidays feels like torture, really miss having him here.
  14. I could really use a hug from my boyfriend right now to let me know everything will be ok.
  15. I need to get a big pillow now, I miss having my boyfriend lying with me.
  16. It’s weird how much I miss seeing my boyfriend’s smile, it really lights up the room.
  17. Getting used to not having my boyfriend here, I really hope he comes back soon.
  18. I didn’t know how hard it was not having my boyfriend around until I saw another couple in the park, missing him more than ever.
  19. My boyfriend is the only one who can get me to exercise, since he left there’s no chance in hell I’m going to exercise!
  20. I can’t help but miss my boyfriend on Sundays, it was the one day we had to relax and catch up together.
  21. Waking up without my boyfriend is so much harder than I thought it would be.
  22. The one thing I miss most about my boyfriend is laughing with him about anything and everything.
  23. The first thing I’m going to do when I see my boyfriend is give him big kiss on the cheeks, missing him so much.
  24. Counting down the days until I can see your face again.
  25. It’s crazy how much I think about you when you’re not here, its unbearable without you love.
  26. I can’t wait until I get to sit on the couch with my boyfriend, missing the simple things.
  27. There is no one I can be silly with like my boyfriend; he gets me totally and completely.
  28. Being without my boyfriend so long feels like I broke up with my best friends.
  29. It’s so easy to forget how much someone means to you, until you don’t see them as often, missing my bf a lot.
  30. I can’t wait to see you and jump into your arms; I miss your hugs dear.

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