Mean Girls Status, Bitching Girls Whatsapp Status

Mean Girls Status, Bitching Girls Whatsapp Status

Mean Girls Status, Bitching Girls Whatsapp Status

You accidentally came across a few mean girls ? Or you have to bear them everyday ? Doesn’t matter! Well, they always do check your profile status and Dp’s, so why not let them read something they go crazy about ?

Check out the following mean girls status for all those bitching girls you really don’t want to interact face to face!

Mean Girls Status

  1. She stole my heart, she messed me around simply to laugh her head out and find comfort in another man’s arms. I hate her!
  2. I wonder if there is any recipe to cure mean girls?
  3. Is there any poison girls take so that they become bitches?
  4. I wonder how mean girls can have friends unless those are just as mean.
  5. I am unfortunate enough to have fallen in love with a meanie.
  6. You wait for her till dawn, you clean and wash up, you kiss her footsteps – she comes home and throws up a tantrum.
  7. I know now the sort of girls like you should be put on a leash and the territory should be fenced with a barbed wire.
  8. Technically, you are perfect – your shape and curves make men go insane. But just a bit deeper, you are a rotten fruit – sweet but dangerous.
  9. It is amazing that mean girls actually like being called bitches. What kind of edge do you see in that?
  10. In truth, if I knew how to run away from you, I would already have done so, meanie.
  11. You choose words carefully, you assume this posh accent, you make every possible effort to look and act like a queen – but everyone knows how bitchy you are.
  12. Do mean girls ever regret being bitchy? In my opinion, they do not.
  13. I swear I want to eradicate you like an obnoxious weed. You have poisoned my life enough. You have taken my strength and confidence, girl.
  14. Sometimes I think I should be just as mean as my girlfriend so she has more respect for me but I just can’t cross this line of immorality.
  15. Sometimes I think that in moments when you are silent you contemplate different ways to insult people.
  16. I think the world of you. I would jump in front of a train for you. And you just laugh at me and call a sissy.
  17. There is no better way to describe this girl than to say she belongs in prison or hell.
  18. Take my word for it, avoid this girl when you can – she is a weapon of mass destruction.
  19. I miss her the next moment after she goes away. She calls me a loser and underdog.
  20. There are two things no one could ever change – time and her rudeness.
  21. Her meanness is so dangerous… You hide somewhere. She finds you and gives you storms and thunders.
  22. Maybe she is your ball and change… I do not know. I know only that I am stuck.
  23. This girl takes your heart out with pincers, twists it and complacently leaves it there to die.
  24. I warn each and everyone not to cross your paths with this heart-killer.
  25. I sometimes think mean girls train each other to be bitches.
  26. Mean girls are the curse of men.

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