Marriage Status, Newly Married Couple Whatsapp Status

Marriage Status, Newly Married Couple Whatsapp Status, Quotes

Marriage Status, Newly Married Couple Whatsapp Status, Quotes

Did you two just married recently ? Enjoying the fresh love vibes in the air ?

Marriage is the most beautiful part of life where two people just give themselves to each other, and get bound in a never-ending journey. Dedicate your partner these wonderful marriage status and quotes and ensure a long and happy journey together.

Its time to show to your husband or your wife that how better you feel after getting married to the right person!

Marriage Status

I have become much more confident being in marriage.

I do not regret even for a moment my decision to marry you.

Marriage is an unbelievably powerful tool to keep two people afloat.

I enjoyed the time when I was a bachelor before I met you. Then I realized that my previous life was just a waste of time.

Marrying you I broke free from a prison of loneliness.

My life seemed too much for me before you came along and took a half for yourself.

Seeing your hand with a wedding ring on every morning is what keeps me going, darling.

We have a marriage of convenience: you warm my heart, I warm your food J.

10 years later I as before look into your eyes and am proud of having such a beauty as a wife.

No one believed we would last a week. Years and years after, we are still happily married.

I will be filled with gratitude every day from now on if you agree to be my wife.

I want our marriage to be the most precious thing in life with you and me and the children we will have.

I was blessed in heaven for having a perfect husband.

I may not succeed on a career path but I have already scored by marrying a perfect person.

I feel like I have needed you all my life. I am not letting you go. Please, consent to be my wife.

Marriage seems like a cage for a man and like a palace for a woman.

Every day is special with my second half.

Marriage is when two people can get away with teasing each other every day.

I smile every time I look at y finger with a ring.

Undeniably, this man is my drug. And this man is my husband.

A scared freedom-loving bird was caught in a cage of marriage and… liked it.

I still remember the day he knelt before me.

Our children are a mirror of our marriage’s happiness.

Married people can finish each other’s sentences easily as if thinking it themselves.

A marriage proposal is the time when a man speaks good old English like in Austen’s books.

Marriage is a demonstration of two people’s maturity.

My marriage is a safe haven I drown my problems in.

He said it would not take long. He just needed to tell me something. Now it has been many years since then. He simply proposed to me.

Everything is so changeable… Only our love and marriage stay the same.

I thank you, sweetheart, for giving me our children and bringing warmth into my house.

Marriage is when you are politely cool to each other on public and have passionate moments alone.

Marriage is my utmost achievement in life.

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