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What is life ? Well that’s a question having no simple answer. We all try very hard to earn ourselves a healthy and luxurious living. Meanwhile, we get tried, sometimes frustrated and start blaming our lives. But that only weak people do.

People with positive mindset bypasses all problems without blaming anyone and eventually reach their goal. Try out these following positive life status that will give you a “Be positive” glimpse of life.

Life status and quotes

Life status and quotes

Life Status & Quotes

I smile at the sky and the sun above my head. I want to sing the song that flows out of my heart. My life is beautiful.

We are born for a reason. One is to enjoy, one is to suffer. However, you can change your mission.

I used to live from a weekend to a weekend as every working man. Then I realized I should cherish every day.

I enjoy waking up in the morning in anticipation of something new to happen to me today.

It is bizarre how many people we meet in our life and never cross paths with them again. It is still a good experience.

Respect your parents for giving you life – the most precious thing you can ever possess.

Smile at everyone. No one is worth your tears or anger.

Life is a gift that we have to carry along carefully and proudly.

I get sad on my birthday because I think that I have got older. But I should be grateful for having another year on this planet.

Thinking to myself about all I have gone through… Good and bad moments but I only remember good ones.

Comparing oneself to others is not the best option since you always end up feeling miserable about yourself. So, do not do this and enjoy what you have!

The sun is out. My voice is thrilling with anticipation. A new day has come.

For every reason to hate life I will give ten reasons to love it.

When you are a kid, you want to grow up fast. It is much later that you realise you should live every moment.

Totally and utterly I love my life, people in it and the way we change the world around us.

I jump with joy, I laugh out loud, when you are here, when you are round.

Destiny is a weird thing… You fight against it, you try to change it, you curse it but stop. It is unique, it is yours. Have courage to accept it.

How often I felt that if I had not done this, I would not have had to go through this… But every cloud has a silver lining.

Quite often I want a day to end as soon as it starts. I want a night to be shorter so I can go back to people. I am lonely and sociable. I am changeable. I live.

Let’s sit here, at the edge of the sea and ponder about the way we are treading together. Is it not beautiful?

My heart was torn to pieces and thrown out to die alone there in the dark. They said someone else might resurrect your soul. But it was me – I just had to start loving life again.

I marvel at the beauty of flowers and butterflies… Summertime sums up my life.

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