Heartbreak Status for Girlfriend – My Girl Cheated on Me Status

Once in a lifetime we all go through this tough time of our life known as heartbreak. Specially, the first one is always deadly when you are so into your girlfriend and she just cheats on you, leaves you for someone else or gets married to a rich guy (reason are plenty).

Lets show it to the world using these out of the box Heartbreak status for girlfriend!

Heartbreak Status for Girlfriend

Heartbreak Status for Girlfriend

Heartbreak Status for Girlfriend

I can’t believe she would do this to me—I never saw it coming.

I have never cried so much in my whole life, but being cheated on has really broken me.

My girl cheated on me and now I’m just sitting at work, not knowing what to do.

I found out my girl cheated and she’s trying to tell me why it’s not a big deal, as if my heart isn’t broken.

No guy ever expects his day to go like this—to find out his girl cheated on him.

I wish I could take everything back and start over, but she broke me too bad.

My whole soul feels like it’s been betrayed by what she did to me.

I don’t know if I can ever trust another girl ever again after what happened—she broke me.

I always suspected something was going on between my girlfriend and her best friend.

Why do girls go around and cheat on their guys—it just leaves us broken.

I’ve spent all day in my room in the dark because I can’t face what she did to me.

I’ve never felt more betrayed by someone than I do by her.

I loved her more than anything, and she repaid me by cheating on me.

How does someone just throw away years of love and devotion for some random guy?

I’m going to tell everyone I know what she did to me, and she how she likes feeling like garbage.

Be careful who you date—not everyone can be trusted as much as you think.

After what she did to me, she’s dead to me—I never want to see her face ever again.

Just the thought of having to see my cheating girlfriend again makes me sick to my stomach.

I can’t help but cry when I think of all the wasted time and love I poured on her.

I would give anything to turn back time and stop feeling the heartbreak of what she did to me.

Nothing can sooth the hurt of having the one you love cheat on you.

She destroyed all my hope for a future together with one night of bad decisions.

How can one person throw away so many years of memories on one night with a guy?

I’m so confused—did she lie to me this whole time every time she said she loved me?

Why does being cheated on hurt so much—and why does she think I’m just going to forgive her?

Anyone who thinks they can cheat the way she did and still be forgiven is just delusional.

I’ll never be the same after what she did to me—I’ll always be damaged.

I feel sorry for the next girl because I’ll never be able to fully trust anyone ever again.

I wrote a few poems today when I thought about what she did to me and how she hurt me.

Thank you for all your support while I deal with the pain she has caused me by cheating.

There are days when I don’t think I can make it through, but I keep pushing on.

I’ll never forgive her for what she did—I just hope karma comes back and gets her.

Don’t tell me to forgive my girl for cheating on me, she made her choice and I’m making mine.

I hurt so much, I just wish I could disappear forever after what she did.

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