Gym Status, Bodybuilders & Fitness Freaks Whatsapp Status

Gym Status, Bodybuilders & Fitness Freaks Whatsapp Status

Gym Status, Bodybuilders & Fitness Freaks Whatsapp Status

Do you workout much ? Then, use our gym status to show your fitness enthusiasm to your friends. These status are for bodybuilders, fitness experts and newbies who have just starting their daily workouts!

Gym Status

Nothing clears my mind more than hitting the gym and lifting some weights.

I love seeing the same people at the gym—it’s like a tiny club.

Should I hit the gym before or after work today?

Anyone free and want to hit the gym with me later?

I just ran five miles on the treadmill!

Yoga in the morning, weights in the afternoon, solid run at night—I love the gym.

Nothing beats the attention I get during personal training.

I love lifting weights and seeing the progress I make over the months.

Nothing beats a solid hour in the gym.

My personal trainer is so inspiring!

All my work is done for the day, now it’s time to hit the gym!

My main motivation for working out is extra mojitos this weekend!

Gotta get my solid hour in this week—it’s gym time.

You can never own too many yoga pants.

Why does the gym close early on the weekends?

I can’t wait to go running later—time to hit the grind!

Does anyone want to go to the kickboxing class with me later today?

I just hit the gym and man do I feel great!

Whenever I feel sad or upset, all I need is one hour on the treadmill and I feel better.

Should I go to Pilates or Zumba today?

I love how sweaty and energetic Zumba class makes me feel.

My teacher always picks the best workout music—it always gets me pumped.

I don’t know why everyone hates salads—there’s so many things you can add to it.

I’ve got my protein shake, I’ve got my gym pass—I’m ready to rock!

I hate when I get to the gym and realize I forgot my shake at home.

Sometimes a protein bar is the best snack there is.

Whenever I finish working out, I always crave a huge salad after.

Does anyone know where I can buy workout shirts with cute sayings on them?

Eat light, train hard: that’s my secret for success.

Go ahead and laugh at me when I’m at the gym on Friday night—at least I’ll look good.

I hate when people don’t put their weights back on the rack after they’re done.

Gross: people who don’t wipe down their machines at the gym when they’re done.

The gym locker rooms get so crowded right before Zumba class.

I wish yoga class wasn’t during my work hours.

I might hit the gym today during my lunch hour.

Even though I can’t get to the gym, I make sure to run up and down the stairs during lunch.

I always bring a change of clothes to work just in case I want to hit the gym.

I love that my job has a gym in the building—it means never having to miss out on a workout!

Anyone need a gym buddy—those who work out together have more success!

I was thinking about becoming a personal trainer, what do you guys think?

I think I might start training for a marathon—time to run!

While you guys are playing Pokemon, I’m going to the real gym!

Gym time is always me time.

When you go to the gym, you’re putting yourself first.

Time for some self-care at the gym tonight!

Nothing can get me down when I’m lifting weights at the gym.

I love watching power lifters—they’re so strong!

Can’t wait until my first weight lifting competition.

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