Girls Status, Happy Girls Whatsapp Status

Girls Status, Happy Girls Whatsapp Status

Girls Status, Happy Girls Whatsapp Status

Girls deserves something unique, not something everyone got. Checkout our exclusive list of Whatsapp status for Girls, who are happier more than anything. Stay cool with our short status!

Girls Status

I can’t wait to go out and party with the girls tonight!

Girls night out—can’t wait for the best time with the best friends!

There’s nothing better than ending a hard day with some shopping.

I had a headache on the way home—guess it’s time for some wine!

One can never have too many shoes, it’s just not possible.

One of the hardest decisions to make is which shoes should go with this dress.

I love girls night out because no one knows how to have fun like the ladies.

I can’t wait to get home, kick off my shoes and relax in front of the TV with some wine.

Who wants to go out dancing?

Does anyone have a blue dress I can borrow for the weekend?

I just saw a movie with my boyfriend—cried my eyes out at the end!

I cooked the best meal in the world tonight—totally a domestic goddess!

I need to lose weight before the summer—who’s with me?

I just saw a reflection of myself in the mirror—time for a diet!

Does it still count as a salad if I put a burger on it?

I love cheat day weekends because they make everything during the week worth it.

I love going out to the club in my little black dress.

Time to plan the wedding!

I can’t wait to get engaged—everyone makes it look like so much fun.

Every girl spends all her time dreaming about her wedding day.

Time to hit the gym and go to my favorite spinning class.

Yoga in the morning, then work, then wine!

I know yoga isn’t competitive, but sometimes I want it to be.

I can’t wait for my favorite show to come on tonight—time for some TV.

I had a bad day, and came home to beautiful flowers!

I was surprised by some flowers today—so sweet!

Ugh, I’m so cranky today.

All I want right now is some wine and chocolate.

I love when there’s a sale on chocolate!

Does anyone have any chocolate they’re willing to bring me?

I think it might be time for me to get a haircut.

My nails have been looking so ratty lately—time for me to get them done again!

Work has been stressing me out so much lately—maybe I should get a massage?

Does anyone know where I can get a really good deep tissue massage?

I love it with my baby rubs my feet for me after work.

I really don’t feel like eating a salad right now—steak anyone?

I could really go for a box full of cookies right about now.

I just got asked if I was pregnant—guess it’s time to hit the gym more.

These shoes are so uncomfortable—time for new ones!

I hate walking in heels of any kind.

I wish heels were more comfortable than they are.

I wish all the calories would fall out of a sandwich if you ate it standing up.

The calories disappear from food when you share it with someone, right?

Does anyone have a good dance playlist?

I really want to go see a movie tonight—who’s free?

Does anyone want to go to the opera with me this weekend?

I love the figure skating parts of the Winter Olympics.

Sometimes coworkers can be straight out of Mean Girls.

I hate it when women are rude to other women—ugh, so not classy.

Cold feet? Say yes and go out on a date!

Nothing else matters… Metallica? No, he is back.

I can see the sun in his smile at night.

He says I took his heart. He took my duvet!

Sometimes I pity my boyfriend for living in madness.

He playfully bit my ear. Not spicy – I said.

Is there paradise? In the arms of my dearest.

Only a boyfriend can stand being called a pink fluffy unicorn with a brave face.

We make decisions together. She says, he decides.

I am never so tender as when I need something from my boyfriend.

When you ask him to sing for you and then regret.

Mum says I’m trouble. He says I’m trouble. Starting to believe.

I’ll be ready in 10 minutes usually takes an hour.

Hearing “I have nothing to wear” my boyfriend runs away in freight.

His touch fights physics making me hot and shuddering inside.

Compliments for girls are like water for flowers.

My poem of life would be incomplete without your line.

Soaring high hearing “I love you”.

Let’s dance to the beating of our hearts. Sinking uncontrollably.

Forever young… I’ll love your grey hair just as much.

You realise he’s hungry when he gives you food names.

I needed a pillow. Asked my boyfriend to come over.

Save money on clothes: get a boyfriend and he will supply you with free jackets.

I need a back massage!!! Where is he?

I get angry 86 times a day when my boyfriend’s around.

I opened up to him. Brave girl!

His hug is the most powerful weapon against my demons.

Love is when you stop thinking about relationships as a game.

I love him for what he makes me feel about myself.

Having a boyfriend is being jealous of his computer.

My boyfriend cleans his car more than he cleans himself.

My boyfriend likes me even when i’m drunk xxxxcvxxx<3

Love is when you pretend not to hear his snore.

I love him even when he snores. Oh God! Does he snore all night?

Pro tip – if he snores too much, put your fingers on his nose :3

A diet is a reality when you are in a relationship.

Having a boyfriend is when you behave 24/7.

Love is a state when you want nights to be longer.

A hamburger gets thrown away into a bin at the sight of a cute guy.

I stop being angry with him the next second after an argument.

Feeling rid of a mask when I am with him.

I wish his pain to be mine instead.

The brightest star loses its light when he is not next to me

You assume your partner’s habits to feel closer.

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