Funny Status, Short Humorous Whatsapp Status

Why stay serious and pissed when you can be funny and cool? Spread the right vibe and let people know you keep a cool head around everyone and everything with just a cool and funny status! Such people are difficult to annoy and do not let anyone dampen their cool spirits. Let people know you are not the best person to mess with.

Having a lighter and humorous outlook at life can resolve more problems than you know. It makes you build a cherished friend circle because no one likes to be around a person who is sloppy and serious, be humorous, be cool, be fun to be with!

Funny Status, Short Humorous Whatsapp Status

Funny Status, Short Humorous Whatsapp Status

While it’s true that nobody wants to be around an angry, straight-face and pissed person who takes everything too seriously. Do not be that person who everyone avoids because of their ever-serious mood and the hideous vibe they radiate. Tell people you are not that easily annoyed and carry the cool vibe. Smart and casual always gets you in the best situations and around the best people! Spread the good funny spirits cheer people up!
Our collections of the funniest and coolest WhatsApp statuses make you uphold the right vibe to give out. Laugh and make people laugh!

Why so serious when you can be funny ?
Its not that hard to be different and funnier than anyone. Just select from the different funny status for Whatsapp and define your mood in simple words.

Funny Status

  1. Why do I always forget my phone at home! Clumsy
  2. Waking up early is a real struggle, why can’t we start work at noon?
  3. Am I the only one starving right now? #breakfastwoes
  4. If one more person says my name wrong, I’m going to change my name!
  5. Where are all the nice people hiding today? I feel like they’re all avoiding me today.
  6. Is anyone else feeling for a pizza? A whole pizza? Or is it just me…
  7. Why is it so hard to be rich? Can someone help me out please
  8. Since when did being kind go out of style? It needs to be trendy again so people can be friendly again.
  9. Was feeling like a million bucks until I opened by wallet
  10. Why are Fridays so short? Can we have a 48 hour day for Friday instead?
  11. I was feeling so positive and upbeat, that probably should have been my cue that something was wrong…left my wallet at home!
  12. Forgot to turn on my alarm last night, it’s gonna be one of those days!
  13. Why do some people take so long to get to the point, sometimes I feel like walking around with an arrow to help them out.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks chocolate should be given away freely? Think of how much happier people would be.
  15. I’ve been craving a piece of paradise for a long time now, if only I knew where they sold it.
  16. My boss is always getting on my nerve, one day I’m going to find her nerve and repay the favor.
  17. Waking up before 6 am is such a chore, actually I take that back waking up before noon is such a chore.
  18. I one dream in life to have all the chocolate I could ever want, is that too much to ask?
  19. People always ask me why I eat so much and to those persons I say “Because I don’t take my talents for granted”
  20. I need some rich friends for a rainy day, with the economy these days you never know when they might come in handy.
  21. Is there a reason some people are always miserable? I feel like blowing bubbles to try and cheer them up.
  22. People always tell me I have an attitude problem and I say yes I do and I’m looking right at it.
  23. What’s the slowest way to get rich? I’m not a fast runner so I don’t want to tire my ankles.
  24. People always want to be right, until they have a conversation with me because I’m always right.
  25. I have never pretended to know it all, I just know more than you.
  26. I would love to stand corrected, it’s just never happened before.
  27. Sleeping is exhausting, sleeping 12 hours a day really takes a toll on your health
  28. I love waking up at 6 am, said no one ever.
  29. If I knew why my mom was angry I would be a much better person.
  30. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my friend shocked after I just scared the living daylights of of them, it’s the little things.

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