Dog Status, I love My Dog Whatsapp status

Funny Dog Status, I love My Dog Whatsapp status

Funny Dog Status, I love My Dog Whatsapp status

You got a dog ? It won’t be wrong saying that a dog is everybody’s best friend. You put status for tons of things, why not something cute for the pet you own. A simple dog status will keep reminding you the love you have for him. In terms of loyalty, honesty and someone you can always count on can never be a human, that’s a hard true.

But that can be your lovely dog, your cutest pet!

Dog Status

  1. I have the goofiest dog in the world!
  2. Nothing says I love you like a big slobbery kiss from your dog.
  3. I love coming home from work and being greeted with the happiest dog.
  4. Dogs have the amazing ability to make you feel more loved than you’ve ever been.
  5. I just watched my dog roll around in the grass like the happiest animal alive.
  6. I feel like humans are missing out on a lot—we should have been born dogs.
  7. I wouldn’t mind trading places with my dog—free food and hugs all day.
  8. There’s nothing like showing love and care to my dog—walking him on a beautiful summer day!
  9. My dog is so much fun—he loves bringing me his toys!
  10. I think my dog just ate my work report—will my boss buy this excuse?
  11. My dog’s favorite thing to do is sleep on my freshly washed clothes.
  12. I feel bad for people with pet allergies—they don’t get to experience the joy of a wet nose at 5 am.
  13. My dog loves to scare the mailman every morning.
  14. My dog loves to help me with my diet—he ate my ice cream while I was doing dishes.
  15. My dog loves to steal my socks and hide them under the bed.
  16. Sometimes I watch my dog run around the yard and I can’t help but think I’m missing out.
  17. I love quiet nights at home with my puppy.
  18. Sometimes I wake up thinking it will be a good day and sometimes I find dog poop in my shoe instead.
  19. I wonder what my dog thinks about when I’m working out.
  20. My dog likes to jump on me when I’m doing yoga.
  21. I wonder if my dog cares enough about me to help me pay for rent.
  22. I wish my dog had thumbs so he could help me carry his dog food home.
  23. I wonder if I can call in sick today because my dog is sleeping on my lap and I don’t want to get up.
  24. I wish my dog could cook me dinner.
  25. I get so happy when I watch my dog play in the sprinklers.
  26. I think the only thing worse than wet dog smell is when the wet dog rolls in the bed.
  27. I feel so mean whenever I have to trick my dog into coming to the vet with me.
  28. I wonder if my dog hates me after a trip to the vet.
  29. Does anyone have a dog that really likes to chase squirrels?
  30. Sometimes when my brother is annoying, the dog comes and sits on him.
  31. I should invest in lint rollers—everything I own is covered in dog hair.
  32. My dog is afraid of the vacuum—it’s so funny!
  33. Whenever I take my dog for a walk, he always tries to eat all the grass.
  34. My dog is in love with the neighbor’s dog—it’s so cute.
  35. Whenever my dog sees someone in front of the house, he gets excited because he thinks they’re there for him.
  36. It’s bath time for the dog—he’s hiding under the couch.
  37. My dog loves rolling in the mud whenever it rains.
  38. I love taking my dog to the park because he always chases all the birds.
  39. Dogs at a picnic are so much fun—they eat all the food and then hog the blanket.
  40. My dog always manages to take up most of the bed, even though he’s a fifth of my size.

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