Daughter Status, Love Your Daughter Whatsapp Status

A daughter is the most prestigious gift god can ever offer to parents. Daughters are caring, daughters takes care of their parents more than anyone else. Use these wonderful daughter status & quotes to dedicate to your daughters.

Daughter Status, Love Your Daughter Whatsapp Status

Daughter Status, Love Your Daughter Whatsapp Status

Daughter Status and quotes

A daughter can feel your pain and joy like a woman since she starts speaking.

A daughter is a precious stone polished year by year that someone else will take away.

A daughter is her mother’s first aid.

A daughter is like a sunshine in the house – she will warm you with a smile and pet you gently like the dearest dream.

Accomplished daughters are those who will hand a glass of water to a thirsty parent. It is a skill a girl should learn.

Boys enjoy freedom and idleness whereas girls help about the house a lot.

Daughters can melt parents’ hearts by only looking at them wistfully.

Daughters may be a curse in some religions but in my parents’ religion is love.

Do not try to offend me saying that I am daddy’s daughter because I really am!

Fathers treat their daughters as little princesses. And when they introduce parents to their beloved ones, the test is very strict.

I am a happy daughter of my parents as I am being loved and cherished despite my age and life circumstances.

I feel proud when people say that I am a spitting image of my mum.

I might go overboard with my filial love, but the one who does not respect his parents does not deserve my love.

I think I am still failing a test for a good daughter. But I will keep trying, mum and dad, I know you are worth it.

I was a trouble daughter for many years. The day has come to apologies.

In my rebellious teenage years my dad said to me: “You should always look like a lady”. Years have passed and I still keep the word. Thank you daddy.

Me and my brother still sometimes bicker about who is the most loved one in the family.

My first school was at my parents’ – my mum taught be crafts and grace, my dad imbibed me dignity.

My mum is my best friend firstly because she has known me the longest.

Remember wars with your siblings? Parents love you all the same.

Sensitive and emotional, making parents go up the wall – that’s what a daughter is.

Some men are not happy when their wives bear girls. After a while they curse the destiny for whipping years go by so fast.

Sometimes I wonder why daughters are allowed less freedom. As I have to come home by 12 and my brother swings all night long.

Thank you mum and dad for bringing me up as a happy person.

When someone compliments my look, I thank my parents in my mind.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow – this all happened because of my lovely parents. I see my duty in bearing my own children and fostering them the very same way I was brought up.

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