Cat Status, I Love My Funny Cat Whatsapp Status

Cat Status, I Love My Funny Cat Whatsapp Status

Cat Status, I Love My Funny Cat Whatsapp Status

Got a cat ? Well, a cat is very much different from other pets. Cat is comparatively timid, shy and way too coward. But nonetheless, its your lovely pet and you love it.

Show your overmuch love for your cat by using the cat status below.

Cat Status

  1. I love my cute cat!
  2. I love it when my cat finds the hidden catnip and just goes crazy!
  3. I miss the days when my cat was tiny and didn’t claw up my couch.
  4. I don’t think cats care about whether or not I wanted to be covered in hair today.
  5. Everything I own is covered in a layer of orange car hair.
  6. Cats have the life—they just nap away any troubles.
  7. I think the universe gave us cats to remind us that not everyone cares about us.
  8. Anyone who doesn’t have a cat is completely missing out.
  9. Cats remind us why it’s important to wake up at 6 am: to feed them.
  10. I always wonder if my cat would kill me if he knew how to open the cans himself.
  11. If you want to be a cat’s favorite person, just bring home tuna fish.
  12. I love it when my cat watches me eat—totally not creepy at all.
  13. I think the only thing missing in a cat is the ability to hit snooze at 5 am.
  14. It would be really great if my cat cared enough about me to scoop the litter.
  15. I love that I don’t have to walk my cat.
  16. Cats remind me why I should be grateful for nights when he doesn’t sleep on my face.
  17. Nothing makes me feel the love more than when I wake up to cat barf in my shoes.
  18. Why does my cat always get a hairball when I invite people over?
  19. One day I’ll come home and the cat hasn’t thrown all my stuff on the floor.
  20. My cat just wants cuddles all day and night.
  21. My cat is an aggressive cuddler.
  22. No one ever believes me when I tell them that my cat talks to me, but he does!
  23. I miss the days when I didn’t have a cat and everything I owned wasn’t covered in his fur.
  24. Having a cat means having hair in your food every day.
  25. I’ve eaten more cat hair than I feel comfortable remembering.
  26. Everyone is taking engagement photos, and I just take selfies with my cat.
  27. Who needs a boyfriend when you have a cat who loves to cuddle?
  28. Can my cat be my plus one to someone’s wedding?
  29. I wish I could just marry my cat.
  30. I’ve never felt more loved then when my cat climbs up my pants to get to the cheese I’m cutting.
  31. Cats give you the opportunity to both hate and love something at the same time.
  32. I’d love to know who the first person was who looked at a cat and decided to domesticate it.
  33. I wish my cat would pay half the rent.
  34. Having a cat means missing out on never having to pay dry cleaning bills.
  35. I know I already have two cats, but I want another one!
  36. Every time I see a kitten, I want to adopt it—it’s a problem.
  37. I love when my cat purrs all night!
  38. Wouldn’t it be super helpful if humans purred when they were happy the same way cats did?
  39. I think humans should be more like cats—aloof and covered in hair.
  40. I wonder if my cat just thinks I’m a huge bald cat.
  41. I’m pretty sure my cat parties hard when I’m at work—my apartment is always destroyed.
  42. I miss being able to buy things that my cat probably will break while I’m at work.
  43. I wonder what my cat dreams about.

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