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Feeling bored because of your tiring day, screwed up life or job ? Try these funny boring status to give your day a facepalm!

We all get bored that’s a fact we deal with. Sometimes we get bored because of loneliness, sometimes our life gets bored and sometime there is no reason at all. A few times our job sucks, our weekend plans get failed or we fall ill.

Boring Status and Quotes

Boring Status and Quotes

There are hundreds of reason for which we start feeling bored. Try these written boring status and quotes and put up wherever you like to depict this feeling of your that never leaves you.

Boring Status and Quotes

All I need to do is get through another hour of this class and then I can pack up and go home.

Anyone want to do something tonight—if I stay home any longer, I’ll die.

At this point, I think a dentist appointment would be more exciting than this movie.

Does anyone have a way to motivate me to stop watching movies and start cleaning my house.

Family gatherings are always more painful than I remember them to be.

How does anyone get anything done during jury duty?

I can list all the things I would rather be doing than sitting at this board meeting.

I hate taking a number—I know I’ll be waiting a long time.

I have a professor whose voice resembles a chainsaw—puts me right to sleep.

I have nothing to do tonight—does anyone know a good movie I could watch?

I have to take an online course for my job and it sounds pretty boring.

I keep walking into the kitchen and opening the fridge, but there’s nothing there to eat.

I know I’m doing my taxes because my eyes start crossing and I have no idea what I’m reading.

I’ll pay someone to go to my performance review this afternoon.

I’m running out of things to do while I wait for my laundry to finish.

I’ve checked my e-mail over ten times in one minute trying to entertain myself.

I’ve just been flipping through the channels—I can’t find anything to watch!

Most of my day is spent looking like I’m working so my boss doesn’t suspect anything.

My boss just tried explaining something to me and I completely stopped listening for most of it.

My favorite time of year is tax season because it’s when I nap the most.

My friend is late and I’ve just been staring at this restaurant menu waiting.

No one is in the office and I’ve decided to just spin in my chair instead of working.

No one warned me that most of my time as an adult would be spent on line.

Required readings for class always put me right to sleep, especially during my commute.

Sometimes I realize that I’ve stopped listening for over twenty minutes of my professor’s lecture.

There are some days that I’m so bored, I can’t even concentrate.

There’s got to be more to life than getting this project completed by Friday.

There’s so much traffic today—I’ve been staring at the same person in front of me for an hour.

This introduction to sewing class is going exactly the way I thought it would—straight to sleep.

This meeting is going to be the death of me.

Two more assignments and then I can finally take a nap.

When I ask you about your day, I expect you to give me the sparknotes.

Whenever I get somewhere really early, I walk around the block pretending to window shop.

Whenever I have nothing to do, I somehow manage to order a whole pie of pizza for myself.

Who in their right mind enjoys sorting through their old financial records?

Who knew that going to the doctor would result in having to fill out one thousand forms?

Who would enjoy reading about the best method for removing carpenter ants from your home?

Whoever invented job training courses should be severely punished.

Why do waiting rooms have the most boring magazines on their tables?

Why is there nothing new showing on television tonight?

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