Best Friend Status, Funny & Missing your Bestie Whatsapp Status

Do you have a best friend ? Of-course, you do. It is a practice of lifetime to finally earn an individual whom you can thoroughly rely. Having a best friend is considered to be the best relationship of all. So, how do you repay him ?

Consider using our best friend status as a small effort for this ever long bond that you both share with each other. We believe that this friendship will get stronger and better with time!

Best Friend Status, Funny & Missing your Bestie Whatsapp Status, Facebook Quotes

Best Friend Status, Funny & Missing your Bestie Whatsapp Status, Facebook Quotes


Best Friend Status & Quotes

My friend definitely knows me better than I do.

You may hurt me but do not touch my friend!

Everyone thinks my friend and I are twins.

Being best friends is when you can exchange clothes and cosmetics with a grave feeling inside.

My siblings are jealous of my friend because I consider her as my sister.

Awake at 3 am, deep in thought, nervous, calling a friend to tell her about the pain.

No guy is worth my tears but a good friend is!

Crazy things are better when shared. That’s why my friend was created for me!

We grow up, study, work, love, change locations and the only reminder of who you really are is your best friend.

Having the best friend is when you can be fed by her mum at the friend’s absence.

Sometimes I am tired of everything in the world. Then my friend comes along and says to lift my ass up!

Dangerously beautiful… We would abandon a man who could imperil our ladies friendship.

The best friend will laugh at and scold you harder than others but then offer her support.

Having the best friend is when you look up to her and she does the same back.

Thank you, my bestie, for showing me the world and things I would not have tried myself.

Having the best friend is when you are totally mad at her, yet are ready to start a fight if someone is being rude towards her.

Missing my bestie is one of the worst feeling i ever got.

I don’t know whether its his presence i am missing or even myself

Save my powers to laugh and my friend’s prowess to joke!

Water, fire, air, land… The fifth element is you, my friend.

A party looks incomplete if my bestie is not there.

Do you think mum has taught me life? No, it was my bestie!

My best friend is my personal beautician by default.

My best friend has enough courage to contradict my mum.

The best friend is my immediate running encyclopedia.

Having the best friend is when you rather entrust your child to them than to your mum.

The best friend is the one who can cry over your setbacks more than yourself.

Having the best friend is very handy – you can always transfer the responsibility for the wrong done over to her J

Friendship is a lot of commitment – yeah, it is when you are still up at 5 in the morning with red eyes listening to her never-ending stories.

Having the best friend is when your mum phones your bestie to find out where you are.

The best friend is not rid of flaws, but those flaws are so much like your own that you manage to put up with them.

No event in my life is perfect until I have told my bestie about it.

Having the best friend implies your children will be friends as well.

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