Anniversary Status, Husband-Wife 1st Anniversary Whatsapp Status

Anniversary Status, Husband-Wife 1st Anniversary Whatsapp Status

Anniversary Status, Husband-Wife 1st Anniversary Whatsapp Status

Do you have an anniversary coming next week ? Got all prepared with gifts and things ? Its time to get prepared for a couple of more little things that matters. Below here are a variety of anniversary status that you can easily put up on your profiles where you partner would be happy to see it.

Anniversary Status

  1. My dear, you freed me from the prison of tears, from the cell of stifling loneliness.
  2. This day can never be erased by anything and anyone. The majestic day of our wedding!
  3. I found my other half and we became one. The spare one unit was passed on to our lovely children.
  4. Glory to the moment I looked into your eyes and knew it was the right time to propose.
  5. I remember the bouquet of flowers you gave me at our wedding was full of hope of success of this new daring adventure.
  6. I am blessed to wake up next to you every day, my dear wife.
  7. Before meeting my dearest I was scared to feel and believe I could be loved.
  8. Wherever I go, whoever I meet, I always think of the moment I can grab wife back in my arms.
  9. Before I was afraid of ageing, now I am afraid of losing you.
  10. Seeing us people would never think we have lived so many years together. There is always this spark in our eyes when we are next to each other.
  11. My biggest weakness is my happy family. I would not exchange it for a hundred years of life.
  12. As wife I sometimes hate my husband’s mannerisms and he dislikes my preaching. But when we stop doing this, it gets very boring!
  13. I have not forgotten about my ego in marriage but my wife makes me feel like I do not need it.
  14. Butterflies never leave my stomach when my wife is around.
  15. My hubby is the best person in the world – he can put up with my hysterics and still says he loves me.
  16. Every storm is just a trifle wave because I have support of my husband.
  17. Am I insane if I still love my husband after all these years?
  18. Where a lone ship sinks, two vessels come through. Family confirmed.
  19. My love to you has only strengthened in marriage.
  20. I love you even more when I see your reflection in our children.
  21. Love, trust, joy and pleasant dependency… I have acquired that with you.
  22. My heart sings a song in unison with yours. It does not matter if it is something tasteless or crude. It is ours.
  23. You convinced me I was not entirely bad and could be a good parent.
  24. Take anything you want but do not go away… We say it to each other every day.
  25. We laugh, we cry, we work, we smile… The truth is such: I am not happy if you are not and vice versa.
  26. I thank my stubbornness for not listening to my friends and fears – and now I am happily married.
  27. Being with you, with our little family is so important that I patiently bear meetings with your parents.

The above status goes well for all anniversaries including 1st Wedding Anniversary too!

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